Nature House

Nature House



Landscape paintings are debatably some of the most common art pieces found within the home.  It's an instinctual desire for people to admire nature, though nowadays, most individuals spend majority of their time indoors.  In modern days, even spaces of nature can go under-appreciated.  


The goal of Nature House is to bring a gallery space outdoors.  By juxtaposing objects that aren't necessarily found in outside and placing them in nature, one becomes more aware of their surroundings.  The desired effect among viewers is to create more of an appreciation for the natural beauty the area has to offer.  



The materials used will either be finished wood or metal pipes for the frames and a sem-translucent fabric to mount painted wood panels on to.  These panels are an extension of the paintings and act as a frame rather than a sales rack --they are meant to be a part of the art piece.  


The fabric used will most likely polyester fabric so that it will hold the weight of the paintings but be somewhat see-through so it does not act as a static wall when placed in nature.